"All my life I've been a hands-on creative type. I simply enjoy making stuff. I love taking photographs, I enjoy the fulfilment of DIY projects, gardening is a joy, and I find cooking highly rewarding".

My first ever paid job was as an assistant to an industrial photographer in Dubai way back in 1981. Since then my work has involved shooting weddings and working with magazines, fashion designers, event organisers, interior designers, and art galleries in South East Asia. I've exhibited in Hong Kong and more recently Ibiza. I've been published in 'Spa Asia' magazine, 'Tatler Hong Kong' as well as a number of independent magazines, and on websites and blogs.

I am passionate about preserving the environment and, when my schedule allows, I support various groups in their efforts to improve waste management and sustainable living".


David's freelance photographic work began in Dubai in 2004 when he was fortunate to be invited to join the crew of the Sailing Vessel, 'Joss', and sail on the annual 'Dubai to Muscat Offshore Sailing Regatta'. David photo-documented the 2-week round-trip, the story can be read on his blog post, 'Going 'Round the Bend'.

Since then, David has photographed numerous events in Hong Kong, Dubai, Bali, Southern Thailand, London, and more recently Ibiza. This work includes three important projects with a Hong Kong-based fashion designer for a new clothing line and website, and included being invited to shoot their catwalks, as well as a number of well-being festivals in Europe and Asia.

David’s passion lies in creating large fine art panoramic landscape prints.


Pieces from his abstract collection, ‘Parallel Lines’, were displayed throughout Summer 2016 at the 'P Art Gallery' in Ibiza.

Now based in Dorset, England, David continues to photograph the beauty he sees in life around him.

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